Jan 14, 2016

How Can Your Laptop Improve Your Productivity

How Can Your Laptop Improve Your Productivity

Having a truly reliable laptop can be a huge boon to your productivity. It allows you to see important e-mails, documents, and any other sorts of an update without requiring you to slow down, and gives you a comfortable, portable place to get work done, no matter where you happen to be or where your final destination is. With the ubiquity of smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices, everyone expects you to be able to communicate or get things done no matter where you happen to be. A tough laptop designed to handle the elements as well as your computing needs can make these tasks much less daunting. Though a lot of important business can be conducted on your smartphone, it goes without saying that you’ll eventually need the help of a laptop whether it’s for better processing speed, easier multitasking, or programs you just can’t use on your phone. Having a reliable laptop will make you, in turn, reliable. 

How Can Your Laptop Improve Your Productivity

In addition, many smartphones are fairly delicate, and you might find yourself trying to read important emails through a cracked screen, or fighting against water damage caused by answering your phone in the rain one too many times. With a durable and high-performance laptop, these are no longer issues that you’ll need to deal with in order to be your most productive self. 

Making the Changes You Need to Be Competitive In the Marketplace

Chron notes that the expectations for business are very different now than they once were. Customers expect more transparency on the ways you conduct business, and bosses often expect you to always be on call. Having a business laptop that can accompany you anywhere is an important way to assure that happens. It is easy to check on the status of things on a smartphone, but it is often still important to have a computer on hand to actually get through the tasks you need to get done. Having a laptop be your main base of operations means that your office can be anywhere, and having a strong laptop that can physically withstand just about anything is, even more, vital.
An example of a reliable and physically tough laptop that can easily be used on the go is the Panasonic Toughbook, a sturdy business laptop that can come along with you on any journey you need to take. There’s no fear of pressure changes on a plane causing damage, nor any amount of jostling doing it harm since it can handle drops of up to six feet. In some professions, a stationary physical office isn’t an option for a variety of reasons, so having a portable powerhouse can make conducting business so much easier. In addition, having an office that can move with you more potential to start to expand your business. Having everything you need at a moment’s notice is what makes you extra competitive. Sometimes it simply isn’t reasonable to find a place to have a phone conversation, or you really need to have data in front of you to be able to speak to someone and solve their problems. Having a laptop with you at all times makes that a manageable task.

Features That a Phone or Desktop Can’t Deliver

How Can Your Laptop Improve Your Productivity

Toughbooks can be easily customizable to accommodate your business, whenever those changes need to be made. Techradar mentions that the Toughbook has the capability of having any or all of the following extensions: a serial port, dedicated GPS and 4G LTE, a 1D/2D capable barcode reader, or a magstrip reader. Other features include a Solid State Drive heater, so the fear of your battery failing because of intense temperatures outside or from overuse is a concern of the past. A physically rugged laptop also means that your files are always safe and available to you, no matter how often you are on the go or how strange a terrain you happen to bring it. If you need the screen to lock to protect sensitive information, that option is also available, as well, and will give customers and coworkers alike more peace of mind. Having a laptop also means that collaboration with coworkers can happen anytime, instead of needing to meet up in person to get work done or having to coordinate to be at desktops at the same time. It means your business can move as quickly as possible, at the highest level of productivity as possible, even if you’re frequently telecommuting. Any task can be completed with ease, whether it’s great news that needs to be shared among your company, urgent new directives or projects, or an error that needs to be corrected as soon as you can. 

A high quality, high powered laptop is the ultimate tool for boosting your productivity. And with the added boost of protection that a rugged laptop provides, you’ll truly be ready to handle anything. Examine your needs and research your choices, and you’re sure to find the right option to fit your business—and your demand for more effective productivity—perfectly. 

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