Jan 14, 2016

Google takes away 13 malicious apps from play store

Google takes away 13 malicious apps from play store->
Google has taken away 13 Android application programs from the Google Play after it got reported by security experts that these application programs made unofficial downloads to the Android machines. The application programs try to get root privileges, and when given, copy a number of files from the gadget to the system partition, leaving them intact even after a factory readjustment.

The application programs, which that have been withdrawn, comprise Jump Planet, Piggy Jump, Eat Bubble, Cake Tower, Hit Planet, Honey Comb, Tiny Puzzle,  Cake Blast, Crazy Jelly, Just Fire, Ninja Hook, Crazy Block, and Drag Box..The malevolent application programs got recognized by a security expert named Chris Dehghanpoor from Lookout, a cellular phone safety source.
Chris Dehghanpoor stated that Honeycomb, one of the 13 application programs taken away by web giant Google, demonstrated about a million downloads. Chris added that the application programs in addition to boasting high download figures, automatically gave positive app assessments on Google Play without user consent to further improve the downloads.
As per the expert, the best method to get rid of the malevolent program is to re-flash a read-only memory supplied by the gadget’s maker, since the malevolent program can stay alive in the factory reset procedure. The application programs are claimed to be coded by programmers behind the Brain Test malware family.“It seems likely that over 2-3 months, the malware authors used different names, games, and techniques to see what app they could publish in Play while flying under the radar,” the researcher added up.
During November 2015 a similar malware unit dubbed Shedun got reported to have an effect on Android gadgets. The offenders behind it are stated to have possibly joined hands with customers to assure them 100 per cent advertisement display and mechanism.
The security company anticipates witnessing more such malevolent program in the coming time. The state of defense on Google’s Android platform carries on remaining alerting.

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