Jul 28, 2013

Pgecet 2013 Reservations

Pgecet 2013 reservations in andharapredash

1. Local and Non-Local Candidates
i) Admission to 85% of the available seats in every course shall be reserved in favour of the local candidates in relation to the local area in respect of O.U. subject to community and other reservations in force.
ii) The remaining 15% of the seats which are open to local and non-locals shall be filled up subject to similar reservation as applicable to 85% local candidates (See annexure I & II for details).
2. S.C., ST. and B.C. candidates: Of the total number of seats available in each subject/course, following is the schedule ofreservation of seats for these categories.
Schedules Caste* ……. 15 percent
Scheduled Tribe* ……. 6 percent
Backward Class*
Group A ……. 7 percent
Group B …….. 10 percent
Group C …….. 1 percent
Group D .. …….. 7 percent
Group E ………. 4 percent ( subject to court decision )
* See Annexure – III for proforma of Community, Nativity and Date of Birth Certificate for SC/ST/BC candidates as per G.O. Ms.No. 58, Social Welfare (J) Dept, dated: 12-5-1997,
1. The genuineness or otherwise of the social status claim of the candidates seeking admission under SC/BC categories shall be verified by the Director of Social Welfare/Director of Backward Classes of Government of A.P., respectively, whose decision in this regards will be final. The admissions to the seats reserved for SC/BC shall be deemed provisional till the genuineness of the social status of the candidates is verified by the respective authorities cited above.
2. In the case of ST candidates, they should get their status verified by the Director of Tribal Welfare, Government of A.P., Telugu Samskhema Bhavan, Masab Tank, Hyderabad before attending the spot admission, if necessary.
3. S.C. S.T., & B.C. candidates who get seats by merit in General Category will not be counted against the seats reserved for them and such candidates will go into the list of general seats.
4. While filling up the seats reserved for Backward class-A the qualified Backward Class-A candidates should be considered in the order of merit after filling up the un-reserved seats. If qualified Backward Class-A candidates are not available, the turn will go to Backward Class-B, Backward Class-C and Backward Class-D in the order of merit in each group. If no suitable candidate is available in any of the four groups, the seats shall be filled up from general pool on the basis of merit.
5. If sufficient number of candidates are not available to fill up the seats reserved for S.C’s they shall be filled up by suitable candidates from S.T’s and viceversa. If the required number of candidates are not available for filling the quota of seats reserved for S.Cs & S.Ts they may be filled up by candidates from the general pool on the basis of merit.
Wherever applicable, a minimum of 33 1/3% of the available seats in each Post-graduate course will be allotted to women candidates from each category i.e., open S.C. , S.T., BCs Groups A,B,C,D taking each college for a subject as a unit. This rule is not applicable (i) If women candidates selected on merit in each category form 33 1/3% or more of the seats therein; and (ii) for seats under various special categories. In the absence of suitable women candidates in the respective categories, these seats shall be filled in with men candidates of the same category.
The following special category seats are provided in the University, Constituent and Affiliated Colleges.
1. SPORTS/NCC/NSS: One Seat for every block of 30 seats taking the subject/course of study as one unit shall be reserved for Sports/NCC/NSS categories put together in each of the courses (for details see Annexure-IV).
2. WIDOW/CHILDREN OF ARMED PERSONNEL, etc.: One Seat for every block of 30 seats taking the subject/course of study as one unit, for the children of Ex-Servicemen/Servicemen, put together (For details see Annexure-V).
3. PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED: One seat for every block of 30 seats taking subject/course of study as one unit, for physically handicapped candidates (For categories and priorities See Annexure- VI). For courses involving practicals their eligibility will be decided by a Committee appointed for this purpose.
4. NIQ QUOTA: 5% Supernumerary seats in each course in campus and constituent colleges of universities are available to the candidates belonging to outside Andhra Pradesh under National Integration Quota (NIQ).

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