May 19, 2013

Important info for B.Tech & B.Pharmacy 2013 Pass outs of JNTU-KAKINADA

Note :

  • Read entire topic before u post any question because all most all quires are answered here.
  • All the doubts regarding results, exception of 2 subjects other things are posted.
  • B.Pharmacy Students need to clear all subjects from 1 to 4 Years in order to get the degree.

Terms used in the posting

  • Q = Question
  • Ans = Answer
For JNTU-KAKINADA Previous Results ==>
Sample Resumes of All Sectors/Courses [Freshers/Experienced]==>
Questions asked by many R07 regulation students.

Q) When Results will be released ?
Ans : After completion of exams within 30 to 45 days results will be released mostly. We will alert u as soon as results are released.

Q) What about the Advance Supple Exams ?
Ans : Notification will be issued for the advance supple by JNTUK. Advance supple exams will be conducted only for 4-2 sem subjects.

Q) Will there be any supple for project work & comphernsive viva-voice ?
Ans : Yes supple will be conducted for project & comphernsive viva-voice before starting of advance supple exams. Notification will be issued for the same.

Q) What all the certificates/memos will be issued after 4-2 results ?
Ans : After declaring the results JNTUK will issue 4-2 Semester indiviual memo, CMM, PC & OD.

CMM: Consolidated Marks Memo/credit sheet (which contains marks of all years)

PC: Provisional Certificate
Sample PC screenshot is available in the below link. image is re-sized , Just click on it for the orginal resolution.

JNTUK : U can apply for OD after notification is issued. (Which will be issued next year). If you are in a urgent need of OD then u can apply for OD in pre-convocation mode.

Sample OD @

Procedure to apply for OD :

Q) Do i need to apply for CMM,PC ?
Ans : U need to apply in the prescribed format given respective by JNTU Region. if u leave 1 or 2 subjects then u need to submit undertaking form to get CMM,PC.

Application Forms to apply for CMM,PC For JNTUK ==>

Q) Can i apply For CMM,PC in Tatkal Process ?
Ans : Yes u can apply in Tatkal Process (It May Take 1 or 2 working days to issue the memo's).

Tatkal Process For JNTUK ==>

Q) How Many days it may take to issue CMM,PC ?
Ans : Within 1 to 2 working days in Tatkal Process.

Q) What is the requirement to get the degree For R07 B.Tech Students ?
As per B.Tech (R07) regulations, one of the academic requirement to award degree is that the student should secure 216 credits (out of 224 credits registered) with the compulsory subjects as listed below:
1. All the practical subjects
2. Industry oriented mini-project
3. Seminar
4. Project works.

The above statement says that u can leave any 2 theory subjects from 1,2,3,4 Years (I & II Sem) which carries 4 credits each. At most u can leave only 8 credits. But u need to clear all practical subjects (Labs), Mini & Major Project & Seminar.
Sample CMM (after leaving 2 subjects) ==>
Q) Whats the Process to leave 2 subjects & get the degree ?
Ans : 
After official notification si released or after declaring 4-2 results, u need to fill the undertaking form & submit the same in ur respective college or else directly in JNTUK to get the CMM,PC within 1 to 2 working days.

Undertaking Form for JNTUK ==>

Q) When will JNTU release the notification for exception of 2 subjects ?
Ans : Within 2 to 3 days after declaring the 4-2 results. If not u can apply for exception of 2 subjects by using the previous notification which is issued for R07 regulation students.
Q) Can i leave elective subjects ?
Ans : Yes u cane leave them under the exception of 2 subjects rule.
Q) Can i Leave EDP (Drawing from 1st year) ?
Ans : Yes u can leave the EDP (Drawing) subject of 1st year as it is a theory subject for R07 students. Once conform the same from your college exam branch.
Q) Can i leave 1st year subjects under the exception of 2 subjects rule ?
Ans : Yes u can leave 1st year subjects under exception of subjects rule to get the memos (CMM,PC,OD).

Q) Can B.Tech R07 Lateral Entry Students leave 2 subjects under the exception of 2 subjects rule?Ans : Yes they can.

Q) Can i leave the 1 or 2 subjects now itself & apply for the undertaking form ?
Ans : You can apply only after respective JNTU regions releases the notification on the exception of 2 subjects rule. (Which will be done within 2 to 3 days after declaring the results).

Q) What Does Practical subjects mean ?
Ans : Practical subjects are Labs in each semester.

Q) Can we leave lab based subjects (Theory subjects) ?
Ans : Yes u can leave lab based subjects as exception of 2 subjects.
Example : If a student of R07 regulation has a backlog in MICRO PROCESSOR Theory subject then he can leave that subject. But he can't leave the Micro Processor Lab.

Q) Does JNTU mention any FAIL or Star Mark in the certificates if i leave 1 or 2 subjects ?
Ans : For JNTU-KAKINADA students In the PC there will not be any indication of Fail. But on the concerned semester marks memo "Fail" will be indicated and also on Consolidated Marks Memo (CMM) "Fail" will appear for those one/two subjects.

Note: Star Mark(*) indicates that those 2 subjects marks are excluded while calculating the total %.

Q) If i clear all the subjects & secure 224 credits will i get any star mark in my CMM?
Ans : Yes u will get the star mark in the subjects in which u secured least marks. Star Mark indicates that those 2 subjects marks are excluded while calculating the total %. You can see a sample CMM from the below.

Sample CMM ==>

Q) What is the Difference between the students who secured 216 credits & 224 credits?
Ans : For the students who secures 216 credits (failed/leaving 2 subjects) they will exclude those 2 subjects only in which he failed while calculating total %. where as for the students who secured 224 credits JNTU will exclude 2 subjects in which he/she secured least marks.

Sample CMM
Students Who cleared all subjects & Secured 224 credits ==>
Students Who left 2 subjects & Secured 216 credits ==>

Q) What happens if i fail & leave those one/two subjects. Does it effect my carrier ?
Ans :

  • Many of the companies recruits only the students who does not have any active backlogs/arrears.
  • Suppose a CSE student fails in Operating Systems and Computer Organization courses and applies for a PC, this may affect in getting a job. An ECE student who failed in VLSI and DSP subjects may not get admission in M.Tech in VLSI/DSP specializations.Similarly for other branch students.
  • If a candidate is in urgency to submit the PC for Visa, for higher studies then he/she may apply for PC even they acquire 216 or 220 credits, because that may not affect them.
  • Therefore if there is no urgent requirement for PC, it is better, the students pass all the subjects and take PC. The students have the option to apply for PC at any time if it is required. They have to apply through 'Tatkal' if they require it immediately.

Q) I had applied for the CMM,PC by filling the undertaking form, can i attend for supple exams ?
Ans : No u can't attend for the supple exams of those subjects that u had applied in the exception of 2 subjects rule.

Q) I had given my supple for 1 or 2 subjects exams & before the results are declared i had applied for the CMM,PC by filling the undertaking form.Will there be any problem & does i get my result now?
Ans : There wont be any problem. u will not get the results Once if u apply for the CMM,PC under the exception of 2 subjects rule.

Q) Can i get my PC,CMM after clearing all the subjects (i.e., securing 224 credits) ?
Ans : Yes at a time after u secure 224 credits u can get the CMM & PC.

Q) Rules For Award Of Degree ?
Ans : Check Here


  • Pharmacy students need to secure 224 credits to get the degree.
  • All the above information is collected from different colleges exam branches & given according to my best knowledge. Do verify with your respective college exam branches/exam cell before u proceed further.
  • All the requests to the university should be forwarded through college principal only.
  • if any other website people copy the above posted content do mention source as
  • If u still have any more quires do reply to the posting we will try to clarify them by giving the best possible solution.

Note:-  For jntuk All results in single page visit  


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  1. Anonymous19/5/13

    If a computer science student leaves subjects like management science in those optional two subjects will it affect his career


  3. hEllO,

    I want to say something about Engineering

    Engineering is a stands for all students whose are get confuse after 12th with good percentage. B.Tech is bachelor of engineering courses introducing the engineering profession (Designing / Construction and Maintenance / Railways / Airlines / Mechanical Engineering and other structures). Important facts to know about colleges in India is the education informative country provides all Information regarding IIT-JEE, AIEEE Entrance Exam, Coaching Institutes, Consultancy, Universities.

    So let me consider my all things and views…. very beneficial for your career decision.


    1. Anonymous14/6/13

      thokkalu soodhi appara

  4. Anonymous26/5/13


  5. Anonymous28/5/13

    can i leave 3 credidts elective subject

  6. Anonymous30/5/13

    I have got 75.25% with 224/224 credits.
    But I have got 73% with best 216 credits out of 224 credits.
    so what is my correct percentage as per jntuk rules

  7. Anonymous30/5/13

    I want to pay DD for credits sheet like pc

  8. Anonymous30/5/13

    when to apply for cm,pc after 4-2 results were released

  9. Anonymous30/5/13

    I have got 224/224 credits.
    But if in my CMM I will get star in place of least marks subject.
    it will seen by the recruiters and it will effect me to get a job or not

  10. Anonymous2/6/13

    sir,iam completed agg of 59.35%.i have 4 backlogs which are written now and waiting for results.can i get 60% agg exception of 8 credits.pls tell me?

  11. Anonymous5/6/13

    sir is it necessary only to leave least secured marks for pc

  12. Sir is notification released to apply for od in tatkal process for 2013 passouts......also please post fee details

    1. Anonymous8/6/13

      no notification is posted for od

    2. 225/- rupees for apply cmm. Take a dd any sbi bank in the name of "TO THE REGISTER JNTUK KAKINADA" Then submit into your collage or jntuk in kakinada..

  13. Anonymous13/6/13

    What is fullform of O.D

  14. Anonymous13/6/13

    What is fullform of O.D

    1. Anonymous18/6/13

      original degree

  15. By leaving 2 subjects(FAIL). is there any problem in carrier

    1. Anonymous18/6/13

      no budda

  16. Anonymous19/6/13

    i passed my 4-1 subject in advance supply.. now iam degree means 5 years or 4years

  17. Anonymous23/6/13

    how many days it will take when we applied provisional from our clg making a dd of 200rs/- plssss rply me its very urgent

  18. Anonymous26/6/13

    if i complete for 5 years,it wil effect to get government jobs and in top software companies

  19. Anonymous27/6/13

    I am 2013 passed out student of JNTUK affiliated college. If I take pre convocation Original Degree,Does it cause a problem to me? Do they mention it on the degree? Should I retake OD after the notification?

  20. Anonymous27/6/13

    sir i have 3subjects in 4-I. So i wil write this exams in november then, what is certificate year of passing. Plz give reply.

  21. sir am 2013 passout pls give me the information of the O.D tatkal applying and P.C,CMM applying

  22. Anonymous5/7/13

    Y there z no rule for b.pharm students of exception of 2 subjects n y it z fr only y not for b.pharm students??

  23. A large collection of Previous papers of Jntu Hyderabad

  24. Anonymous11/7/13

    Sir,i have 59.7% aggregate after leaving DWDM nd E-COMM der any problem?....can i have chances of getting 60% in certificates or else it will be the same...??

  25. Anonymous18/7/13

    In my PC they wrongly printed "mr." instead of "ms." what should i do??

  26. sir i have subjects after my btech also..if i write after 4 years also what will happen any stars will come for that subjects ?

  27. sir i have 3 subjects in 4-I. So i will write this exams in November 2013 then, what is certificate year of passing.




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