Feb 13, 2013

Which is best for youth Tablet or Laptop?

tablet or laptop

Portability is the main voice of modern day youths. Portable gadgets are of strong demand these days. Earlier, there use to be desktop PCs that attracted the youth tremendously. these days, in the era of portability, youths are more attracted towards laptop and tablets. These can be described as mini computers that are portable in appearance. First there came the Desktop computer. Then, a smaller version, the Laptop, was launched for greater portability. Then, it was time for mini laptops or net-book. Finally, the tablet has been launched to experiences the best portability for computing purpose.m

But the question is: Does tablets have the ability to take the position of laptops? Or do the laptops continue be the front runner in the portable computer category?

Tablet computers are reaching towards strong popularity. But are they ideal for the youths to carryout all the computer fundamentals at the easiest of ways? Many opposes to this fact. These people are of opinion that laptop computers are far easier and comfortable to operate. In fact, laptop computers are also easy on the eyes. Same cannot be said about tablets. Also, laptop screens are larger than tablets. After all, visibility is also one strong factor to consider. When working in some sort of word processor, it becomes much comfortable when typing in laptops than tablets. Yes, tablets also do feature keyboard connectivity, but it the small screen puts a lot of additional stain to the eyes.
Then, why the hell are tablets becoming so much popular with youths? In the last one year, nearly 6 million tablets have been sold only in the UK and US. This is one big business, isn’t it? Yes, definitely tablets have some great features to consider. Their portability is the strongest point that has driven youths towards them. Because of the small size, they can be carried easily from one place to another. They are slightly bigger than the modern day smartphones. So, they can even fit inside those baggy trousers. They can be operated easily anywhere without catching attention of security professionals much. Most of the tablets also feature phone call facility. What does this mean? This means, tablets are mini computers with a fine blend of mobile phones. Yes, there are low budget tablets that does not feature the phone call facility, but ignore those. Youths are more attracted towards the ones that feature brilliant display, high definition camera, strong and latest processor, good internal memory, and phone call facility. Companies like Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, and Asus have started manufacturing the sleekest and finest of modern day tablets. These might be a bit expensive on pocket, but feature wise, they are simply brilliant. Apple’s IPad is probably the most popular of all the tablets available these days.

What about laptop? Where do they stand five years from now?

They will always have their position intact. Yes, there will be strong competition from tablets, but for serious computing or gaming experience, there is no substitute to laptop PCs. Yes, the modern generation PCs is sleeker, slimmer, and packed with extreme high level, powerful processors. Moving watching experience is also much better in laptops when compared to tablets.
Those youths who want to explore the world of PCs and want to carry out serious programming or some office documentation works, Laptops are the best choices to make. Tablets can be a part time backup for laptops, but cannot take its place. So, if taken my opinion, then Laptops are far better option for youths to begin computing.

Hope you have liked this post!! waiting for your comments SRINIVAS!!!!!

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  1. You can decide that which device you want to buy:
    laptop or tablet. But I think Tablet device is best for the businessman because of many reason. Many branded company sell their tablet but you should take a look on some tablet review site before you buy it so that it will help you to have some knowledge about its feature, its benefit, U can compare them for justifying that which of them is best.




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