Feb 13, 2013

8 Things You Never Want to Post on Facebook

dont share on facebook
Posting intimate details about your life has slowly become something of the norm when it comes to updating your Facebook page; however, no matter how safe you think your page may be, there is certain information that should never make its way onto Facebook. Regardless as to how secure you think your Facebook page is, it’s important to remember that it is a page on the internet and it’s probably not as private as you believe it to be. Before you fall victim to the flawed thinking that your Facebook page is private, think twice before posting any of this information:
  1. Your address. The address where you live should never be posted on your Facebook page. You never know who is reading that information, and giving out your place of residence is setting yourself up for someone to break into your home.
  2. The dates of your upcoming travel plans. Posting dates that you’ll be away from your home is another big security issue because it alerts anyone and everyone who sees your status that you’ll be gone for a certain amount of time.
  3. Pictures of you drinking or partying.While you may not think twice about the pictures being snapped at a party, it’s important to really consider whether they’re pictures that you’re OK with your boss or potential employers seeing or not. If there’s anything questionable going on in the picture or the picture casts you in any sort of negative light, it’s best to untag the picture or have it removed.
  4. Complaints about your job, employer or coworkers. You never know who actually is able to read your Facebook profile, so posting anything negative about your job, employer or coworkers is potentially setting you up for your professional downfall. Keep your complaints off of Facebook and to yourself.
  5. Your religious or political views. Everyone is entitled to their own personal religious or political views, however, not everyone needs to read what yours are. For the sake of not offending other people or starting arguments where none need to be, refrain from talking religion or politics on Facebook.
  6. Every move you make during the day. Absolutely no one wants to read a play by play of your day. Skip posting that you just ate breakfast, that you’re about to out for a run, or that you’re going to the mall – all those type of updates do is take up space and annoy your Facebook friends.
  7. Pictures from other people’s big events. The only people that should be posting pictures of the bride and groom on their wedding day are the bride and groom. The same goes for new parents, pregnancy pictures, and other big, life changing events. Don’t steal other people’s thunder by posting before they’re able to.
  8. That you’re depressed or heartbroken. No one likes to read about how upset or depressed other people are. It’s depressing and melodramatic.
Facebook – and every other form of social media – is a great way to connect with others, grow a business, and form personal and professional connections. However, there is some information that’s better left off of your Facebook profile page or your status updates. Think twice before posting any information that is sensitive or personal.

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