Jan 11, 2013

Tips to improve Group Discussion Skills??

Group discussions are a major cause of Goosebumps for job seekers as they find it extremely difficult to put their point across in front of everyone and thus there are many classes that are conducted that train students and job seekers for GDs so that they do not falter in the actual situation. In case you are one of those people who are soon to face a GD and are in sweats over it, then here are some tips to improve Group Discussion Skills.

There are certain skills that are required on the part of the people who are participating in the GD for it to be a success. These group discussion skills have been mentioned below.
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Participation
Let us take a look at these skills in detail.
Communication skills
Having crisp communication skills is a must in case you are looking to get through a group discussion. There are many people who feel hesitant to speak when present in a group and this may be a personal problem or a teaching of the surroundings, where they have been living. It is necessary that a person who is participating in GD's must let go of all his inhibitions and express his views freely in front of the people in the group.
Group Discussion Skills

Conflict Resolution skills
It is obvious that there will be conflicts that will arise in a group discussions as not all the members of the group will concur on everything that is being said. A difference of opinion is sure to arise somewhere and thus, the members are expected to resolve these differences and come to a conclusion that satisfies everyone. This is something very difficult as there are some people who are very rigid and do not bend down to anything and just stick to their initial views without giving an ear to what the opponent is saying. Conflict resolution skills are seen only in a select few who have good communication skills and at the same time they are not uptight.

Participation is a part of Group Discussion Skills
Not all the member of the group can participate equally, as this will lead to bedlam, but there needs to be some participation from everyone, all the same. Sitting in a group conversation with your mouth shut is unpardonable as this is a clear indication that you are not interest in the same or are dissolving the purpose of the same. There are places where you need to keep your mouth closed and your years open, and similarly, there will be places where you need to speak up and summarize things for the entire group.

So you need to possess these skills in case you are looking to be the star of a GD's and gaining these skills is not very difficult. There are many who feel that group discussions should not be held due to these very skills.

These are the tips to improve Group Discussion Skills so that you can crack any one of them that comes your way and move on to the next level of the selection process.

Hope you have liked this post!! waiting for your comments SRINIVAS!!!!!

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