Jan 11, 2013

MBA or M.Tech, What Should I do?

MBA or M.Tech, What should I do? ” is a question that has haunted every engineering graduate and this is pretty obvious given that this degree is what finally determines the kind of job that they would get after completing their masters. If the same question is troubling you then you need not worry as I have made an analysis of this and have the answer for you.

Why do B.Tech Students go in for an MBA?
MBA is the “in” degree these days and the jobs that you get after the completion of the degree you can apply for a job in the administrative departments of the various fields in the organization. These jobs are considered to be the prime jobs of the organization. This is not really the truth but yes, the job does have a slightly glamorous touch to it and the media has been projecting these jobs as all the more glitzy as the pay packages and the perks are shown to be much more. This is the main reason why students are enticed to go in for an MBA after the completion of their B.Tech.
what should i do
Going the M.Tech way
M.Tech after the completion of your B.Tech will lead to technical related jobs in any organization and these jobs are not as much hyped as the ones that you get after the completion of your MBA. But these jobs are great. You need to bear in mind one thing and that is, the M.Tech is an extension of B.Tech and thus, you will find it easier to do your M.Tech as compared to your MBA and this is what needs to be considered in case you are confused between an MBA and an M.Tech degree.

Also, as you have already completed your B.Tech and have gone in for your M.Tech, then you will enter the technical operations part of the organization and your chances of getting promoted to a higher grade are much higher as compared to that in case you choose for an MBA. This is the most important angle that many fail to see as they are blinded by the spotlight that they feel will be thrown on them in case they choose to go in for an MBA.

Also, in case you go in for your MBA, you need to realize that you will have to start from scratch and that could be quite difficult as most of your classmates will be Commerce graduates and will have an edge on the subjects as they have studied then in their graduation years. This may create a sense of inferiority in case you are not able to cope with the subjects, once you have joined college, which is but natural, as you are new to these subjects.

The pay scale is almost the same and what matters the most is the institute from where you have completed your masters and your ranking in the semesters. These two aspects will decide a lot about your future and thus you need to be wary about them from the start itself.

In my view the answer to “What should I do? MBA or M.Tech” is M.Tech as it is a continuation of what you have been studying for quite a while and thus, you will not have to start from the very beginning and the jobs that can apply for in the future maybe technical in nature, but at the same time, they are well paying.

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  1. For the growth in Technical Line after b.tech three year completion of bachelor education, M.Tech is best option for growth in your career.

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