Every mobile user faces situation when he or she has to transfer balance from their phone to friend's phone or from friend's phone to their phone. So i am going to tell you how to transfer money or balance from one mobile to another for all top service providers (Airtel , Tata Docomo , Idea , and Vodafone). These are not hacks or some type of trick , these are the official ways to transfer balance from one mobile to other.

How To Transfer Balance On Airtel
There is no official method to transfer balance on Airtel but i have figured out some ways to do so.

Method 1: GIFT 100 9970XXXXX.
Method 2: 143*9818xxxxxx#

These methods worked fine till i used them. Inform me if they stop working.

How To Transfer Balance On Docomo
To transfer type "BTTarget Mobile Number Amount" and send message to 54321

Note: Sending SMS to 54321 will cost you Rs.1. Person who is transferring balance should have a minimum balance of "amount to be transferred + Rs.1" , that means if you want to transfer Rs.10 you must have a balance of Rs.11.

How To Transfer Balance On Vodafone
Procedure to transfer balance in Vodafone is very simple. Just dial *131*Amount*Mobile No# and dial call button.

Note:- Person must be a customer of Vodafone for atleast 3 months to successfully complete the procedure.

How To Transfer Balance On Idea
Type "Ask Mobile number amount " and send it to 55567 on your mobile. Enter the mobile  number of person from whom you want to get balance transferred.
Now that person will get a message to confirm if he/she wants to transfer balance or not. To confirm transfer send 'Give' Mobile Number amount to 55567